PRESENTATIONS at the World Aquaculture Conference

June 2017



Recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) for Africa.


Presenter: David Fincham


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Tilapia farming in South Africa


De-Risking a large scale project


Presenter: William Kelly


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - October 2017


The Rydawi Team have been working hard on building tanks for clients, training, and on 2 harvests in the last month. Around 55 000 eggs have been harvested and are growing well in our hatchery.


African Leadership Academy seeks to transform Africa by developing a powerful network of over 6,000 leaders who will work together to address Africa’s greatest challenges, achieve extraordinary social impact, and accelerate the continent’s growth trajectory.

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Rydawi Fish Farms News - September 2017


The Rydawi have welcomed the warm spring weather at the farm in Muldersdrift.  Higher temperatures have resulted in excellent harvest figures. The season we have produced an excess of 50 000 eggs most which have hatched and are now swimming around as viable fast growing fry.  These fish will be available for sale to our farmers who have obtained permits over the next 2 months. Many more fish will be produced every 10 days from the hatchery.

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Rydawi Fish Farms News - July & August 2017


David attended an Aquaponics workshop at Stellenbosch University and had the privilege to meet Dr James Rakocy.  Being pure Tilapian, David has stayed away from Aquaponics, but the value of Aquaponics as a food production system is vital to world food security and to the use of water, a precious resource.  A statement made by Dr Rakocy, “Aquaponics is not a business, it is a food production system, selling the food you produce makes it a business!” The aquaponics business is a complex one and system design and balance is critical to achieving success. As with Tilapia Farmers the Aquaponic farmers are getting better at sharing lessons learned and interacting with one another to grow the industry and markets for produce.


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - June 2017


David, Clare and William were honoured and pleased to be included the World Aquaculture Society Conference from the 26 – 30 June 2017 at the CTICC in Cape Town.  Rydawi shared a stand with Til-Aqua – our Dutch partners, and producers of the YY SuperMale Tilapia fingerling, hatchery systems, and brood sets.


The Conference was very well run, the presentations were diverse and plentiful. The exhibition centre was well attended.  It was wonderful to have the Conference in Africa for the first time.  Thank you to World Aquaculture Society for their hard work.


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - May 2017


At Rydawi we are constantly innovating, developing and improving what we do.  Our latest project involves the development and prototyping a new filter system for simpler construction, lower cost logistics, ease of operation and efficiency.  These filters will allow Rydawi to offer a “Plug and Play” system to the market.  The FarmInABox System will become the simplest system in the market to own and operate as a single system or as a multiple system commercial farm.  The filters have been going through testing, modification and design for the past few months and those of you who have visited us recently will have seen these in action at the farm.  We will be installing a number of these units to collect the data required before officially launching them to our clients.  Please continue to watch this space.


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - April 2017


The Rydawi Team has had a busy month.  Despite all the holidays in South Africa in April, the farm visits have continued, email enquiries have continued to flood in, training took place in early April, and David visited Burundi to set up a tank in Bujumbura, and to look at future projects.


Rydawi secured its first government project this month. The North-West provincial government is assisting 3 small scale farmers with greenhouses and systems.  Rydawi is fully committed to the development of small scale farmers to ensure the supply of fresh fish into many communities.  These sites will also enable the development of skills and they will be used for training other farmers in the community.


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - March 2017


The SuperActiFlo Bio Media used in the FarmInABox bio filter and mechanical filter is a highly efficient and user friendly media.  The original media was developed some 10 years ago, for waste water treatment and for fish farming.  The spaghetti wheel design and the fact that the media is buoyant and that is has a large surface area makes it an ideal bio filter medium.


The SuperActiFlo media is moved about by aerating the bio filter, this moving bed sloughs off any dead bacteria and detritus ensuring the media remains active with healthy living nitrogenous bacteria. The moving bed system requires very little maintenance and interaction and no physical removal or cleaning of the media.  The high surface is +/-900m2 per meter cube means much smaller, more efficient filters to do the same job.


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - February 2017


Rydawi has exported systems to DRC, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Burundi, Angola, Kenya and we now have over 125 systems in the market.  This represents a major boost to Tilapia production in Africa.  Recently we have airfreighted single FarmInABox systems to Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi and will soon be sending Systems to Nigeria.  The compact packaging and light weight design and construction of the systems makes for cost effect shipping and logistics.  Once our clients receive their units and stocked them with fingerling their skills are quickly developed, so that when the rest of the units arrive via sea freight they are already proficient with farming in our systems.  The package size of a complete ready to install system is currently 1200x1000x1000mm and it weighs less than 150Kgs.


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - January 2017


Happy new year to you all. We hope you have a fruitful, successful year in 2017 and that your fish farming projects go from strength to strength!


Rydawi fish farms has welcomed new staff in the last few months.


Kgatle Jack, “I'm a graduate from university of Limpopo, studied bachelor of science in Biotechnology with Biochemistry and Microbiology coupled with Bachelor science honours in Aquaculture, worked for department of agriculture, forestry and fisheries dispatched at Gariep dam Agriculture Technology Demonstrations Centre, I've also worked for South African breweries as a brewing technician, I then joined Rydawi fish farm on the 05 December 2017 upon my arrival at the farm i was amazed by the set-up of the system and the layout of the hatchery. David and William farm in a box system can be said to be the greatest invention in the aquaculture industry because even the greatest invention in history are coming from pieces of equipment what differs it’s how those equipment are connected to form one well-functioning unit. It is a pleasure for me to be part of these winning team, it might be tough but victory is certain at the end.”


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Rydawi Fish Farms News - December 2016


Rydawi Fish Farms is proud to announce that it came 3rd in the Green City Start Up competition held in Johannesburg during 2016. The winners were announced on the 9th November at a cocktail function on the 9th November at Resolution Circle.  This achievement and the prize money received will facilitate further growth in developing the FarmInABox systems. The Farm in a Box project will be showcased and presented to the city and other stakeholders all the option to farm Tilapia in an urban environment.  The award comes with grant funding and the opportunity to win the Grand Prize too.

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